About Us


The mission of Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities (BFFC) of Orange County is to foster a more breastfeeding family friendly community by advocating for policies and practices that support breastfeeding, chestfeeding and human milk feeding, using a Ten Steps approach that complements the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF guidelines.


We recognize that breastfeeding is “The Great Equalizer,” because (it) “goes a long way toward canceling out the health difference between being born into poverty or being born into affluence”, as JP Grant stated during his tenure as UNICEF Executive Director. A breastfeeding family friendly community is a healthier, more welcoming community, impacting health equity outcomes at all stages of life. The BFFC of Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Orange County seeks to provide access to support for all families in our communities, as well as to advocate for policies that protect nursing families’ rights so that families may meet their own personal breastfeeding goals. 


With your help, the Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities of Orange County initiative is making changes.  We will encourage families to hold healthcare providers accountable for top quality health care, help families find excellent prenatal care, and teach all families why breastfeeding matters. We will support statewide and international efforts for paid family leave and teach employers how to encourage and support breastfeeding families. We will help families find childcare providers and businesses that understand breastfeeding. We will support the communities to make beneficial changes for all so that every family that wants to breastfeed will be able to breastfeed for as long as that family chooses.

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