The Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities (BFFC) initiative is a community-wide program to impact Health Equity, as supported by the World Health Organization guidelines to work with communities to improve breastfeeding support services. The BFFC brings together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds, organizations, agencies, and institutions. This discussion will include information on how to begin the process of advocating for breast/chestfeeding and human milk feeding family friendly policies in your community and ideas for working with government and healthcare institutions. We will provide templates for connecting with diverse community stakeholders, as well as materials and resources that we are using to cultivate a presence in community celebrations and health fairs and to disseminate optimal infant feeding-related news throughout the community. Change may take time; however, the goals of BFFC include advocating for lactation friendly and equitable health care policies and practices for families by supporting healthcare providers to be accountable for top quality and equitable care; helping all families find excellent prenatal and postpartum care; and teaching every family in our community why breast/chestfeeding matters. Every family that wants to nurse will be able to nurse for as long as that family chooses without shame or guilt and with educated and supported choices that are not undermined. By implementing BFFC practices, we will create a more breast/chestfeeding family friendly community to impact health equity for all families. 

Contact: Kathleen Anderson at 919-624-0230 / kathleen@breastfeedingcommunities.org