Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community Pools

Breastfeeding Family Friendly community pools are friendly, accepting, and supportive of breastfeeding families.  Community pool leadership is encouraged to create a breastfeeding friendly policy that includes positive messages about breastfeeding for families and instruction to employees about the laws regarding breastfeeding in public. The policy welcomes breastfeeding families and provides staff with the information needed to respond to guests who may have concerns about breastfeeding at the pool. In the US, laws permit a person to breastfeed in a public place. Support for breastfeeding includes:

  • Providing “Breastfeeding Welcome Here” signs.
  • Teaching all your employees about pertinent breastfeeding laws, including how to support a breastfeeding family at the pool.
  • Letting staff know that they must not ask someone who is breastfeeding to move, cover up, be more discreet, or stop breastfeeding for any reason.
  • Preparing staff with instructions on how to respond, if complaints arise, so that information is provided quickly and accurately.
    • Staff have the opportunity to share information about the law with the person who is voicing the complaint.
    • Staff also can ask for assistance from the manager, particularly if the staff member is uncomfortable or the complaint worsens.

Helpful Resources:

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