Parent is holding an infant who is looking into the camera.

Indigenous Milk Medicine Week – Webinar Opportunity!

In celebration of Indigenous Milk Medicine Week, join BreastfeedLA on Thursday, August 12th from 10AM to 12:30PM PST/1PM to 3:30PM ET for Revitalizing Culture through Breastfeeding and Chestfeeding, a live webinar featuring Kimberly Moore-Salas, IBCLC, Amanda Singer, CLC, Briana Groten, BSN, IBCLC, and Natasha Bowman.

Join us with speakers Kimberly Moore-Salas, IBCLC and Amanda Singer, CLC from the Navajo Breastfeeding Coalition. Together they will present a powerful discussion on the ancestral teachings around breastfeeding/ chestfeeding in the Navajo culture in honor of Native Breastfeeding week. They will discuss how cultural practices in breastfeeding have been interrupted due to colonization and how we can contribute towards cultural revitalization in breastfeeding/ chestfeeding. In addition, they will be joined by panelists, Briana Groten and Natasha Bowman, indigenous birth assistants, to further the conversation around ancestral breastfeeding/ chestfeeding practices. Participants will be awarded 1.75 L-CERPs & 2 Contact Hours. 


The program flyer provides more information and the webinar agenda.