K-16 Schools

Educators have an amazing opportunity to begin the process of normalizing breastfeeding by teaching all children that breastfeeding is the normal way to feed a baby.  Many of us may have learned about “mammals” in our science classes – from elementary school to high school; yet, how many of us were taught that, because we are mammals, it is normal to feed our children from the breast or to feed human milk? We help children learn about breastfeeding through books and activities that include images of breastfeeding dyads and through policies that allow parents to breastfeed in the classroom, when volunteering or attending functions, and throughout the facility wherever the parent is allowed to be.  Students also should be exposed to breastfeeding as part of all health and family education.

STEP 10: Education systems, including childcare, K-12, colleges, and universities, are encouraged to include breastfeeding-friendly curricula at all levels…measures…The local School District, or the Department of Education, cooperates in review of all textbooks to ensure breastfeeding norm…Breastfeeding-friendly curricula are introduced at all levels of education.

Ten Steps to a Breastfeeding Family Friendly Community