Once you have established a group (2 or more) of stakeholders, many communities begin with having their local government proclamation their community Breastfeeding Family Friendly. Download example proclamations: Carrboro/Chapel Hill Proclamation or Durham Proclamation.

The community’s elected or appointed leadership has a written statement supporting breastfeeding that is routinely communicated to all

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Download the Global Criteria.


  1. The written and signed proclamation includes actions to support the following nine steps.  
  2. The written and signed proclamation is shared via all local media outlets/social media, as available, once per year.
  3. Local media have hosted a discussion of this issue with breastfeeding experts and/or La Leche League or similar at least bi-annually.
  4. A copy of the Ten Steps designation and the local proclamation is widely distributed at least annually, possibly during World Breastfeeding Week (In US, National Breastfeeding Month).

Is your government ready?

  • Is your government ready to pass a public statement (e.g., proclamation) in support of breastfeeding for the community?
  • Does your local municipal (or government or town or city) council support breastfeeding? 
  • Are the members of the council aware of the importance of supporting breastfeeding?  
  • What education might the members of your municipal council need to support breastfeeding?  
  • What are the laws concerning breastfeeding in public?
  • Is your law enforcement aware of the laws?  
  • How is the information disseminated to the first responders in the community?