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We celebrate and thank you for all the work that you are already doing. Thank you for your commitment to first food equity, to normalizing breast/chestfeeding at all levels. Thank you for your  gift to Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities. 

Your gift to Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities gives you the piece of mind that you’re offering the world a bright future where optimal infant feeding is available to all. Locally helps us to buy books that normalize breastfeeding for low income preschools, supplies for health fairs, gas for volunteers that need financial support to get to events, keep our website up and running, and so much more. In partnership with the other Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities, we also dream of having the funds to officially become members of the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) and the US Breastfeeding Committee (USBC). We find that many hands make light work.

We believe that by putting the whole breast/chestfeeding family at the center of this First Food Equity moment, we can normalize breast/chestfeeding throughout the world.  This is a great way to protect first food equity and the causes you care about most all at once. Thank you for your gift to the Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities, you are now part of the First Food Equity movement and legacy.

Ultimately, Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities exists because no family in this country gets enough support. You’re one of those people whose gifts make a difference, and it’s clear that access to reliable knowledge about breast/chestfeeding is important to you.Thank you for your gift to Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities, and your commitment to our future.

Your dedication to our work is heartwarming. You have gone above and beyond to support our children. Thank you for the support you give to our community. 


The Breastfeeding Family Friendly Communities Team